Model #P108 Controller

OEM #501085EP/ #7EM43110300

Manufacturer #P108/CC/VH/RRR/R/LNCN

The model #P108 pizza oven control replaces the obsolete #7EM43110300 and is programmed and tested for on/off control with a relay output rated 3 Amps. Output is designed to drive a Model #H91DA-8 gas valve.  Standard program is type ‘J’ thermocouple input for a range of 0 to 600°F. Operator lock-out is standard, so the operator can only access or change the controller set-point.  Dual display for both set-point and oven temperature.  Different configurations are available at no extra charge! Unit is industry standard 1/8 DIN size 1.89″ x 3.78″.  Also available is an adapter plate for replacement of the square model #121A-10016-031-1-00 1/4 DIN size 3.78″ x 3.78″ (model #818/808 call for pricing).  All controllers are programmed for the specific oven application and include a wiring diagram to update from the model #7EM.