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De-Mar & Associates, Inc. – Parker & Foster Division has supplied temperature controls and thermocouples to the restaurant and pizza oven industry since 1989.  The first Barber-Colman controller supplied and standardized by pizza oven OEMs was the Model #121A analog temperature controller.  This unit was recognized for its reliability, durability, and ease of use.  These units were eventually updated to the Barber-Colman Model #7EM digital temperature control.  In 2003 the Eurotherm Model #7SC was introduced and became an immediate success in XLT ovens!

New technology has arrived!  The Model 7 Series controllers have been updated and replaced by the Model #P116 and #P108 controllers.  The P Series offers the same programming and control features.  Please call or email with any immediate requirements to update the following controllers –

7SC 7SC-937103-00-DR 7SC-93711-300
7EM-43111-300 7EM-43112-300 7EM-43110-500
7SH-49610-300 7SD 7SD-49103-000
7SM-49103-000 7SM-49113-000 7SP
7SF-93111-300 7SF-93611-300 7SL
7EF 7EF-93111-300 7EF-93112-300
7ES 7ES-93212-300 7EK
7EM 7EM-43110-300 7SL-91003-000
7SH 7SH-49110-300 7EC
7SD-49113-000 7SM 7EK-93111-300
7SP-93111-300 7SF 7EK-93212-300
7SL-91103-000 7EC-93712-300 7SI

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